Below are some links to our videos on Vimeo.

We have two new songs for 2021, Carol of the Bells by David Foster and Noel by Hillsong Young and Free. Please feel free to check them out and share with your family and friends.

Here is “Noel” by Hillsong Young and Free. This doesn’t have the CCR Tree in it but there is a lot of action with our Leading Arches. We added 2 more arches and we love the effect of having 4 arches “Dancing” to the music. We hope you enjoy the video. Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2020:

We added an awesome new prop this year! We now have a CCR Tree. That stands for Cosmic Color Ribbon Tree. It has 16 strips (ribbons) that have RGB LED’s that can be any of around 2,000,000 colors so we are able to do all kinds of colors and even graphics. Below is the first video from 2020. A newer version of Toby Mac “Christmas this year”.

Here is an updated version of Snoopy’s Christmas / Snoopy and the Red Barron. This has our new CCR Tree in it. This song was a huge hit this last year with many that stopped by in person. Please feel free to share with your family and friends. 🙂

A new song for 2019 we have been planning pretty much all of 2019 is Christmas This Year by Toby Mac. We were able to get it in our show and heard very positive feedback on it when friends and family saw it in person. Here it is below and we really hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to share it with your family and friends. 🙂

One of our new songs for 2019 was “Last Christmas” by Taylor Swift. This is a popular version of the Wham classic. In this one we are using all 128 AC channels and 16 DC RGB channels of computer control. Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

New for 2019 is an oldie but a goodie. 🙂 We added Perry Como’s Christmas Dream. We love having classic Christmas songs in our light show and we hope you enjoy this song. Please feel free to share with others. Merry Christmas!

A great classic we both love. I have always been a fan of the Peanuts comics! This was new for our 2018 Christmas light show. We hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share with your friends and family. Merry Christmas!

For 2018 we re-worked Maria Carey’s O Holy Night since we have more lights this year and especially the new Mega-Tree! We hope everyone enjoys it.

O Holy Night by Maria Carey:

The three links below are from our 2017 show at our new house in Centreville, MD! Same poor quality video but new songs and new sequencing. 🙂 We hope those that didn’t make it out enjoy and those that did make it out enjoy our show all over again.

There’s no Place like Home for the Holidays by Perry Como:

Shake up Christmas by Train:

Oh Holy Night by Maria Carey:

Our new songs from our 2015 show were Snoopy and the Red Barron and Music Box Dancer. The following 2 videos were edited by the folks at Alpha Road Christmas Lights over in the UK. Their website can be found here: Alpha Road Christmas Lights. We’d like to thank them for doing a great job.

Snoopy’s Christmas / Snoopy & The Red Barron – 2015

Music Box Dancer – 2015

Older videos:

2013 I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

2013 full show part 1

2013 full show part 2

We are Santa’s Elves from 2012 show