About Us

Christmas 2013 017

It all started back sometime in 2008. My wonderful wife emailed me a link to a family website that put on an over the top Christmas display that she found. I have always loved Christmas time. Both in the traditional sense of celebrating the birth of Jesus and the whole magic of Santa Claus bringing presents and the excitement of children trying to stay up to hear and see him. As I watched the videos, pictures and details of their projects I was hooked. I thought “This is so cool!” I had to find out how to do this. I found from their website they use Light O Rama equipment so I looked into them and that opened this whole new hobby to me. Our first show was December of 2009. I remember having my wife sit in her car across from our house in the parking lot and talking on walkie talkies. The very first time the lights came on and danced to the music she literally screamed “It’s working, it’s working! They look great! This is Awesome!” There was a tear or two as well. We both are kinda sappy but that’s a good thing. LOL

That first year was one 16 channel controller and about 2000-3000 lights. We now have nine 16 channel controllers, including a 24′ Mega Tree, a CCR Tree that has 16 strips of CCR (Cosmic Color Ribbons) and over 20,000 lights and more in the works! We have been featured in the Annapolis Capital paper both in print and online in December 2013. We have well over ½ mile of extension cords both store bought and ones we custom made from SPT-1 wire and plug ends.

All of our props like the mini trees, snowflakes and Merry Christmas sign are handmade by me and not store bought. Check out our tech page for more behind the scenes info and photos. We love doing our show and truly hope you and your family enjoys our lights. There is way too much negativity in this world. We want you to come by, take a few minutes out of reality and feel the warmth of the Christmas spirit. Our show is a mix of both kid tailored songs and traditional songs adults may appreciate more.

Thank you for stopping by our website and our show. May God bless you and your family all year long.

Al & Donna Saunders